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SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 5

2020.05.27 04:06 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 5

I’m back with my- quite possibly in my mind only- long awaited fifth installment! It has taken me a truly obscene amount of time to get around to writing this post and half of the previous ones probably need an update by now. The past year has been insane in terms of my schedule and I have spent what little energy I had shitposting on /popheads and /fundiesnark. Now that people are stepping on my terrority PS if ur reading I’m available, I decided to kick my hiney into gear. In fact, I literally took a day off of work Friday to do research for this post and because I’m so tired of my job, but I once again put it off and ended up playing Sims for three solid days. HOWEVER on the fourth day I rose, put on my little detective hat, and scurried over to my burner Instagram account to stalk some ex-contestants.
Alright, on to Season 5! I consider this to be the tail end of SYTYCD’s Golden Age. I really do think the success of the show was in part tied to that iconic Sydney Opera House-eque stage. After coming short in Season 4, the Ashley quota was once again filled, Debbie Allen made her way back to her rightful place on the judging panel, and who could forget “IV Real’s” less successful younger sibling, “5 Alive”? (Actually probably most of us could forget; I’m still not sure it wasn’t a fever dream.) Despite all of this glitz and glam, the season was not without a truly horrendous edit that Wikipedia will remind us of for years to come.
Top 20
Paris Torres It’s rather unfortunate because this couple, along with most of the other Top 20 eliminees, really never had a chance. I don’t recall them getting any air time whatsoever prior to the Top 20 show. Like were they even in the Green Mile? And that said we have the top Google result. According to LinkedIn she is a director at Turning Pointe Dance Center in Seattle and prior to that she toured with Pulse dance convention. Apparently she was also a pageant girl, which is interesting, but I think happened before SYTYCD. Her Instagram hasn’t been updated since 2018 and most of the posts are about teaching/choreographing.
Tony Bellissimo Okay I really thought he had no air time, but I’m wrong and now I kind of wish we got to see more of his personality. According to IMBD Tony has appeared on film in Rock of Ages, La La Land, the Step Up franchise, and numerous episodes of Glee. He also performed at the Super Bowl and The Oscars with Justin Timberlake and when on tour with Rihanna. He is also on the faculty of Tremain Dance Competition with fellow SYTYCD alum Tiffany Maher. On a personal note, it looks like he is about to have a son with his fiance (or wife now?) and owns TheHubNoho, a recording and rehearsal space, with SYTYCD alum Ivan Koumaev and Matt Aylward.
Top 18
Ashley Valerio Wow I really should have popped in the bootleg set of DVDs from the sketchy knock-off Ebay site I forced my mom to buy me for Christmas one year because I do not remember the majority of this season. Ashley is listed on the staff at Downtown Dance Factory in NYC and according to her bio, she has been working commercially and “has been featured in national and international commercials, music videos and has served as a principal dancer in the hit television shows Glee & Monk. Ashley started her own production company two years ago and is now directing and choreographing music videos for artists seen on The Voice and American Idol.” The company is @affinitydancecompany on Instagram. It seems cool, but I’ll honestly never know because the website crashed my computer twice.
Maksim "Max" Kapitannikov Ah yes, nothing screams "SYTYCD" like an early ballroom elimination! (Ahem, Stanislav & Faina Savich, Jamie Bayard, Susie Garcia, Max, Christina Santana, Iveta Lukosiute, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Brittany Cherry, Nick Garcia, Malene Ostergaard, Daniela Avanzini, Sydney Tormey.) The stage and the format may change, but it's nice to see some consistency through the seasons. It seems like Max is still competing as of last year. Not much on his social media or on the internet in general. Sorry Max- this update is short and sweet, just like your time on the show.
Top 16
Asuka Kondoh It looks like Asuka continued to dance professionally following SYTYCD up until at least 2017 and also taught for a classical (ballet/contemporary) dance company in California for a while, although she is not currently listed as faculty. I believe she also toured with Ballroom with a Twist based on a 2015 article. Not sure if I’m losing my touch, but there does not seem to be a ton of information on her in recent years.
Jonathan Platero One night, two more ballroom eliminations. I really wished I remember this season better because I remember some mild drama about Nigel thinking he was cocky? Or am I confusing him with that shirtless guy with the white pants that did a bunch of flares in his audition? Anyway he has been seen on television on Happily Divorced, Glee, the Apprentice (???), ¡Mira quién baila!, and on SYTYCD as a choreographer. He was also on To the Pointe, so if you want actual info it’s probably better to watch that as opposed to these crumbs I’m leaving you here. He is also married to Oksana Dmytrenko (DWTS/Strictly Come Dancing) who has choreographed with him on SYTYCD. Apparently their wedding was featured on WE’s David Tutera's CELEBrations.
Top 14
Karla Garcia Karla is currently listed as faculty at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and her bio there is quite extensive. She has done a lot of Broadway including productions such as Hot Feet, West Side Story, Gigi, and most recently Hamilton, and toured with Wicked, The Addam’s Family and Bad Boys of Dance. She was also a principal dancer in the show SMASH and works on a lot of her own choreography including a short film and a musical. According to Instagram she teaches a BDC Zoom class Mondays at 4 and an Instagram Live class Fridays at 4.
Vitolio Jeune Vitolio is listed as a principal dancer at Garth Fagan Dance in Rocheter, NY. He has been there since at least 2011 and his bio there says he was “recently” on SYTYCD so I’m not sure how up to date that website is. The bio also mentions he has toured nationally and internationally, was formerly a principal dancer with the Ayikodans Dance Company, and was a guest artist Trilogie in LA. His Instagram is private, but it looks like he is married and has a son.
Top 12
Caitlin Kinney According to Caitlin’s talent profile, following SYTYCD she moved to LA working as a commercial dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and apparently has even done stunt work. Her resume includes several televised awards shows and commercials. She also performed/toured with Paula Abdul, Kanye West, and David Archuletta and is currently listed as faculty with Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention. Her Instagram shows that she is now married and had a baby girl in late 2019. In irrelevant news, she looks a little bit like Krystal from The Bachelor in some pics.
Phillip Chbeeb Phillip has a very cool Instagram and a ton of choreography videos on YouTube that everyone should check out. There are also several movement focused short films that he has directed and he collabs with Season 3’s Hok often. I saw someone post about him on /dance a few weeks ago and I was really blown away. He also has numerous IMBD credits, notably as a dancer in the ABDC Season 6 championship winning I.aM.mE dance crew and as choreographer for the shows Making Moves, and of course, SYTYCD. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but earlier this year he was a guest on The Hollywood Dance podcast.
Top 10
Randi Evans (now Strong) Was Randi eliminated in part due to the wig they made her wear for her Paso Doble with Kupono? I think it’s possible. According to her Instagram bio, she is now a Public Figure. In addition to being a Public Figure, she is on the faculty at Revel Dance Convention and has a production company called now Strong Productions which lists DWTS, ABC, Fox, Radio City Music Hall, and none other than our very own SYTYCD as clients. At some point she also toured with Ballroom With a Twist. Evidently she got into ballroom a little more after the show and has taught and choreographed in several styles. Randi has gotten divorced since her time on the show and now goes by her maiden name. Her hair is even shorter now, and I say rightly so, because despite having no basis for it, I take it to be an indication that she was equally traumatized by the long wig as I was.
Kūpono Aweau Kupono is based in LA and has toured with Ricky Martin and Madonna for several years. He’s weirdly not coming up as being listed as faculty on any companies or conventions like most of the SYTYCD alums do, so it does seem like his main focus might be touring. He’s pretty active on Instagram, but his recent posts seem to mostly be family-centric rather than about his dance gigs.
Top 8
Janette Manrara Ok, Phillip and Janette are really leading the Instagram follower count so far! She has appeared on seven seasons of Strictly Come Ballroom (2013-2019), Glee, Burn the Floor, and returned to SYTYCD as an All-Star briefly in Season 8. She also has a huge social media presence, so it is easy to keep up to date if you head over to her Instagram. She married SCB’s Aljaž Škorjanec in 2017 and they created and toured a Fred Astaire inspired show together beginning in 2019, though now it seems to be on hiatus until 2021.
Jason Glover IMBD credits include video shorts for P!nk, Florence + the Machine, and Christina Aguilera. Other television credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Little Mermaid Live with fellow Alum Alex Wong, and, most recently, Penny Dreadful. He might have been on tour with Ariana Grande? My only clue to this is deluded Ariana Grande fans in the comments of his pictures. Okay, I scrolled more and yes he has been on tour with her as well as P!nk. On a more somber note, it looks like he danced in Ariana’s Manchester show.
Top 6
Melissa Sandvig According to a dancer bio for Helios Dance Theater, an LA based contemporary dance company, Melissa has worked for numerous companies and television shows (Sacramento Ballet, Los Angeles Contemporary Ballet, Los Angeles Opera, Glee, Bunheads, DWTS, AGT, Mobbed, Grey’s Anatomy, LXD, The Young and the Restless). She has also done motion capture work for animated films such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Madagascar 3, which I thought was really cool. It seems like she has done a lot in terms of production as well and has worked with Cirque du Soleil and Disney. Currently she is teaching pilates via Instagram Live and is on the faculty of Velocity Dance Convention. She is still married to her husband and they now have two sons.
Ade Obayami Ade is also contending for a top Instagram follower count, although his is more impressive to me considering he hasn't posted anything in over a year. Like Melissa, he has recently worked with Velocity Dance Convention. In the past, he has appeared at The Grammy’s with Beyonce, in music videos for Rihanna, and on tour with Alicia Keys, as well as worked on various projects with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Rowland. On the reality TV circuit, he has performed on AGT, X Factor, and of course on later seasons of SYTYCD as an All Star. IMBD credits include Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Teddy Forance’s All the Right Moves, and the made-for-television classic, A Diva's Christmas Carol starring Vanessa Williams. Despite the fact the latter was almost a decade prior to his appearance on SYTYCD, it is certainly worth mentioning.
Top 4
Kayla Radomski Based on IMBD, it seems she has done some acting in recent years and was in a few short films. Earlier she was in Chasing 8’s with other SYTYCD alums including Kathryn McCormick, Chelsie Hightower, Chris Jarosz, and Ade. TV-wise she has appeared on Glee, DWTS, the Oscars, as an All Star on SYTYCD, and was also reunited with Jason for The Little Mermaid Live. She has also worked with musical artists including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Meghan Trainor, and Justin Bieber. There is a To the Pointe, interview from 2017 so check that out for more info.
Evan Kasprzak In the least surprising update ever, since SYTYCD Evan has done a lot of musical theatre! Broadway roles include Newsies (Elmer) and Cats (Pouncival) and was also on screen in Hail, Caesar! and episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fosse/Verdon. He is listed on the faculty at Steps NYC and Manhattan Dance Project (along with Ade), although the latter suggests that “currently” was in 2012. Outside of dance, he and his wife were married in 2015.
Brandon Bryant It may be confusing to some, particularly the AI behind Google's result algorithm, but this update is not about the American football player or the whistleblower. This is the Brandon who tried to sneak onto the show at the age of 15 in Season One. I think we all need to take a moment to remember this, because it deserves to be preserved in whatever the SYTYCD equivalent of /MuseumOfReddit is. He then went on to have one of the best runs on the show to date. Aside from appearing as a SYTYCD All Star, like many others, he was in Glee. Unlike many others, he also has a line of T-shirts street dancewear. Interesting gigs include DWTS and dancing for Britney Spears in her Las Vegas residency. According to an old convention bio (seriously do any of these sites ever update anything?) he "choreographed and danced with Sweden’s hit artist Agnes in Cologne, Germany for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics." I’m a little confused by this as the last time Germany hosted the Olympics was 1972. I know these sites are out of date, but I don’t think they are that out of date. He’s pretty active on Instagram and is currently offering some virtual dance classes.
Jeanine Mason Jeanine has maybe done the most mainstream acting of any SYTYCD alum to date. Her break-out role was probably Sam Bello in Grey’s Anatomy and she then went on to star as Liz Ortecho in The CW's Roswell, New Mexico, which is currently on its third season. Previously she had roles in The Bling Ring, Bunheads, Criminal Minds, You’re the Worst, Secret Life, and Awkward to name a few. She was also recently on Whose Line is it Anyway. Dance-wise there is not as much listed, but she did perform with Mark Ballas on DWTS shortly after SYTYCD. I think she is also one of the few contestants to earn a college degree after the show. She graduated with a degree in dance and a minor in film from UCLA in 2014 and said in an interview she might want to get into film production one day.
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2020.03.22 06:52 artemisgemini Quarantine Dates

I originally created this list of stay at home dates for me and my husband when we didn't feel like paying a babysitter. Now I think the world needs them.
  1. Spa Day: champagne, hydrating face masks, manicures, massage
  2. Wine and Design: drink wine, do a painting tutorial from YouTube
  3. Board Game: buy a new one to learn/play together
  4. Cocktails al Fresco: make fancy cocktails, drink in yard
  5. Candle-lit Takeout: table cloth, candles, favorite food delivered
  6. Concert at Home: watch a live recorded concert with the lights off
  7. Home Movie Theater: buttered popcorn, Milk Duds, blockbuster
  8. Braincercise: play Sporcle, do brain teasers, puzzles, trivia, etc
  9. Card Sharks: whiskey, card games, weird visors?
  10. Throwback Thursday: pick a favorite moment from your relationship and look at the pics/videos
  11. Wayback Wednesday: bring something to share from before you met (pics, videos, diary entries, emo poetry, yearbooks)
  12. SYTYCD: choreograph a new dance (or learn a TikTok dance)
  13. Great [Your City] Baking Show: Bake something! Film it!
  14. Teacher's Pet: teach each other a new skill (knot-tying? twerking?)
  15. Fashion Show: dress each other up in haute couture fashion
  16. Hipster Night: drink Frangelico, find new music before its cool
  17. Sexy Library: read books in your underwear, light candles
  18. Beauty Salon: do each other's makeup and hair
  19. Mystery Science Theatre 3000: watch a terrible movie, record commentary
  20. Children's Book: write a children's book together
  21. Blind Taste Test: booze? chocolate? rate stuff.
  22. Rapper's Delight: pick a weird topic, write a rap
  23. Vision Boards: dream big, make collage
  24. Be the Cool Parents: figure out what the kids are into these days
  25. Emo Kids: lie on the floor listening to records
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2019.11.18 05:38 JoyAngel98 Pros relationship Status

I have seen many posts from new members not knowing who is who with. So here is a post of all the pros relationship status: As of October 17, 2019
Keo Motsepe: Single. He had a girlfriend last year but they since have ended it.
Daniella Karagach Pahkov: Married to Pasha(a fellow pro). They have been together since 2010ish. They got married in July of 2014.
Brandon Armstrong: Single.
Cheryl Burke: Married to Matthew Lawrence(not a fellow pro. His brother did the show and that's how they met): They dated in 2007 but broke it off a year later. They reunited in 2017. They got engaged in 2018. They got married in May of 2019.
Peta Murgatroyd. Married to Maks(Val's brother and a former pro). They got together in 2012. That relationship was on and off. However, in 2015 they really got together. They got engaged that year. He proposed on stage at one of his shows. You can find it on YouTube. They got married in 2017. Also in 2017, they had their son Shai. She dated another pro named Damien Whitewood when she and Maks broke up. She might have cheated on him with Maks.
Val Chmerkovskiy: Married to Jenna(a fellow pro). Similar to his sister in law. He had an on and off relationship with Jenna in 2015. However, in 2017 they really got together. They got engaged in 2018 on vacation. It's on Val's Instagram of the engagement. They got married this year in April. He also dated Amber Rose who was his brother's celeb partner, before getting back with Jenna.
Jenna Johnson: Married to Val(a fellow pro). See above for more info.
Lindsay Arnold: Married to Sam Cusick(not a fellow pro. However, he is her high school sweetheart). They got married in June of 2015.
Gleb Savchenko: Married to Elena Samodanova(not a fellow pro. However, she is a dancer as well. She did other international versions and they have a studio in LA together). They have been together since 2006. They have a daughter named Olivia in 2011. They had a second daughter Zlata in 2017.
Alan Bersten: Single. He dated his partner Alexis Ren last year but ended it shortly after the show ended. He dated Hayley while on SYTYCD from 2013 to 2014. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
Witney Carson: Married to Carson McAllister(not a fellow pro). They have been together since 2011ish but they broke up when he went on his mission. They got back together afterward. She dated someone between that time. They got engaged in 2015. They got married on New Years in 2016.
Sasha Farber: Married to Emma(a fellow pro). They dated in 2011. They broke up in 2014. They got back together at the end of 2015. In 2016, they got engaged on the show. It's a Youtube video of it. They got married in 2018. He also dated Sharna when he was younger on the Burn the Floor tour. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
Emma Slater: Married to Sasha(a fellow pro). See above for more info.
Not pros this year but they pros and part of the troupe last season.
Hayley Erbert: Dating Derek Hough since 2015. Met on his tour in 2014? She and Alan dated while on SYTYCD but they broke up after. So from 2013 to 2014. She dated another dancer between Alan and Derek named Jake Kodish.
Morgan Larson: Engaged to Joshua Feldman. They got engaged in 2018.
Britt Stewart: Dating someone? Idk if they still are together.
Arthur Adamski: Single?
Vlad Kvartin: Single? He was dating a dancer named Emily but I believe they have broken up.
Artem Chigvintsev: Dating Nikki Bella. They were partners in 2017. However, they started dating in 2019. He also dated Carrie Ann from 2006 to 2008. This was also after his divorce.
Sharna Burgess: Single. (Might become the Bachelorette Australia 2020). She dated Sasha while on Burn the Floor tour so before DWTS. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
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2019.11.15 02:49 gingerin8406 Help a newbie out? Summarize cast relationships/reputations/drama?

So I’m new to this sub and new to watching DWTS with any regularity. I love Hannah B and tuned in for her, and now I’ve gotten somewhat sucked in. 😋
So... would anyone be willing to fill me in on things like: 1. Relationships among the pros— do they all get along? Who are closer with certain ppl? I know which ones are married—was there ever drama while they dated?
  1. How is it decided which pro gets paired with which star? I mean, surely when Lindsay got paired with Sean, she was like, Well Crap. No MBT for me. If they get a really talented dancer one season, are they more likely to get a not-so-great Star the next?
  2. Do the judges have favorite pros? Any friction between any of the judges and pros?
  3. What are the reputations of the pros? Like, is one known for being the best teacher, another the best choreographer? Are any of them known for not getting along with their stars? Is it a surprise each season which pros will be on? Or are there some “permanent” ones?
  4. Any messy drama I should read about or watch from past seasons? (Sorry, I love mess.)
  5. Anything else I should know about as a newbie? I used to be a hard core SYTYCD fan, and remember Witney and Lindsey. Love seeing the crossover.
BIG QUESTIONS, I know. Thanks for anyone who feels like tackling any of them.
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2019.11.08 22:26 vdw84 So Bailey and Mariah R dating????

So got word their dating but keeping it private for now. They look cute together, not going to lie. I saw some of their pics together on Bailey's instagram and they look cute together. I guess this is going to be trend for now on that a reallife hookup happens from sytycd.
PS. I didn know Gino and Sofia were totally faking it for camera, he had a girlfriend all along during his time on the show.
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2019.10.14 22:12 SheCalledMePaul What's Happening in CT 10/17 - 10/20

Thursday, October 17th, 2019:

Friday, October 18th, 2019:
Saturday, October 19th, 2019:
Sunday, October 20th, 2019:
How about check out a newly released movie this weekend!
You can also check this link out for a ton more events all around CT!
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User Suggested Events:
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I think it was removed because I posted o my Tumblr. Sorry!
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2019.08.20 05:47 j259awesome S 1k-5k

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2019.05.08 23:48 PemsRoses Danse avec les Stars

After a little exchange with cruisingjoe01 I've decided to make a post about the French version of DWTS : Danse avec les Stars.
Before I give my opinion of the show - even tho I've stated many times I think there is many problems - I will try to give you some info.
Danse avec les Stars (DALS) premiered on February 2011 so YEARS after SCD mainly because dance shows never get great reviews in France for whatever reasons (I honestly don't know why). We've had many hosts that are not nearly as great as Tom and so I won't talk about them lol.
The judges :
Those 2 have been judges since the first season and imo I don't see the show staying without them. Then we had many different judges including Marie-Claude Pietragalla (star danseur and contemp), singer Shy'm who won the second season, Matt Pokora who won the first season (he is also dating DWTS alum Cristina Milan), DALS pro Fauve Hautot and currently Patrick Dupon also a star danseur.
For the pros I won't name all of them but I will talk about some pros later in this post.
Finally some winners :
You can go on Youtube to catch some dances, I recommand most of Loic Nottet dances bc he was great.
Now that I'm done with this part I will give my opinion on the show. And I'll start by what I like.
I think that's about it for the things I like (not a lot I know). Now on the other side :
  1. First is Gregoire Lyonnet, I don't like the fact that after finding love with Alizée the man litterally quit the next season he was on mid season leaving is partner - Nathalie Pechalat (ice skater) - in a difficult situation. From the begginning of that season, he was disconnected from her and the reason he gave was that he didn't felt at ease dancing this close to another woman which is imo stupid. He is a dancer, a ballroom dancer so that's litterally his job. Rumor has it that Alizée is extremely jealous, he came back a few seasons later with Camille Lou (singer) completed that season but later, she revealed that she has no contact with him, he didn't seem insterested in keeping in touch with her. He didn't comeback after that season.
  2. Then there are pros like Candice Pascal or Anthony Colette : really nice people but they don't have the best technique themselves. The show even went as far as to cast a dancer - Hajiba Fahmy - who dance a few times for Beyoncé just because she danced for Beyoncé. She had 0 training in ballroom so they made one of the pro - Silvia Notargiacomo - teach her ballroom and then TPTB replaced Silvia with Hajiba. You can't teach proper technique if you don't master it.
  3. Last issue concerns most of the pros : STOP STEALING FROM OTHER VERSION OF THE SHOW!!!! Some of the the pros did that a lot : Candice Pascal, Christophe Licata, Katrina Patchett. It's is so upsetting because when they do that they don't take the time to create something that will fit their partner. It's also A LOT disrespectful towards the dancers that actually made the dance and everytime they do it, it's so poorly done, sometimes they even do it without even caring about the original dance style (Bindi's rumba became a mambo for Priscillia Betti) or who danced on which part : a few seasons ago, a pro thought it was a great idea to take Lindsay's choreo from Alek's trio, mix it with Valentin's production from Laurie's AT and have his celeb partner and a guest celeb to the pro dancers part while he - the pro - was doing Alek's part. A little s/o on social media would be enough recognition imo, I don't need them to scream it on TV. Production also stole twice from Mandy Moore for the opening of the season and it's not a respectful thing.
That's my long opinion on DALS. If you have the time, I'll suggest you go watch some videos on Youtube, not all the dances are available on the DALS channel but of them are there. As always see you in the comment section to discuss ;)
SN : maybe for the next season I should do a review or some type of things on Reddit about DALS idk.
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2018.10.28 22:08 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 3

Haven't posted in a while, but I haven't forgotten!!! I had been traveling the past two weeks and yesterday I just wanted to sit at home and do nothing. And now I present the contestants from the season that split Idolforums, started the FG/BQ War, brought you questionable racial comments, actual slapfights, 10 identical anti-war solos, and may just have been the season to prompt mandatory psych checks.
Top 20
Ashlee Langas- Unfortunately for Ashlee her run on the show looked mainly like Top 20 fodder brought in solely for the purpose of filling the Ashley/Ashle/Ashlee/Ashleigh quota. According to Instagram, she co-owns the The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective in LA where she teaches stoned yoga (yes, like stoned, stoned), wellness, and meditation. Before this, she was in Bette Midler's Vegas show and performed in music videos with Robin Thicke and Ricky Martin. Part of her bio notes that she started her studio after struggling with depression and coming out to her family and was searching for a deeper spiritual connection. In her personal life, she seems to have gotten married earlier this year and was recently chosen for jury duty. This will be irrelevant to most people, but she now looks like a 10 years older version of Bekah Martinez from The Bachelor.
Ricky Palomino- If you are looking for a $350 vintage laced cape, Ricky is the guy for you. This is just one of many capes he has in his fashion line, Marcelino. Anyway, he seems to have a lot going on- traveling teaching master classes, producing music and music videos, choreographing in Poland and the U.S. (Dance Moms, Raising Asia), was an assistant producer for the show, American Beauty Star, and a judge on World of Dance. It looks like he may also be in an upcoming independent dance short film, The Accompanist.
Top 18
Faina Savich- Actually have been excited to post this one since I had looked her up in an effort to find info on her brother for my previous post. She is a family law attorney now, which I thought was super cool. It looks like she earned her Juris Doctor From Fordham University in 2015 and received the Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award for being involved in pro bono/community work during her time as a student. I think she did do some professional dancing post-SYTYCD but honestly the lawyer stuff was more interesting. She seems to be married and has a young daughter.
Jimmy Arguello- Post being eliminated over Cedric, Jimmy has gone on to perform on screen (DWTS, various awards shows) and in numerous stage productions, including Rock of Ages, as an assistant choreographer and a dance captain for Jai Ho World Tour with A.R. Rahman (this guy is super famous for people who aren't familiar). He is also listed as staff at a dance studio in Redondo Beach, a company member at Mosaic Dance Project, and is the owner of ArguelloProDance. His instagram is private so no personal life updates.
Top 16
Jessi Peralta- Let's just take a second to remember the baby oil audition. Real talk though everyone on IDF used to say that Jessi was the reason they started requiring psych evaluations to go on the show, so was there more to the dehydration story and her persistent crush on Pasha??? Since then, Jessi could be seen dancing in a number of awards shows and music videos with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, along with a few IMBD credits, none of which I think are recognizable enough to mention, although another bio I saw included different credits (Fame, Vampire Diaries, a speaking role in Anchorman 2). Around 2010 she was featured on World of Jenks about her leaving LA and quitting dance to become cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans and around 2013/14 she was on the crew of some kind of touring country music/dance show. It took some work to find what she is doing post 2014, but she seems to own a dance studio called, WRK PLC in Tennessee (her bio lists Top 8 contestant in SYTYCD S3 but neglects to specify it was Top 8 Girls- so in character lol). Looks like she got married in 2014 and had a daughter in 2016.
Jesus Solorio- After his run on the show, he was a choreographer for the Oxygen show Dance Your Ass Off, appeared in shows like Glee, Hannah Montana, New Girl, and Cirque du Soleil, and even created and directed his own stage show called Dreamcatcher. He seems to also do a lot of choreographing and master classes and is a dance instructor at Allan Hancock College in CA. Can't find an Instagram or Twitter unfortunately, so the sleuthing ends here.
Top 14
Shauna Noland- Before I begin, I would like to recall her and Lacey's weird ass Youtube channel from when they were roommates. It was like the pinnacle of the of weird Tumblinternet culture from 2008 that I was so into as a teenager and regret deeply as an adult. Currently she is a teacher at Xtreme Force Dance Company in CA, but before that she worked with Justin Giles and Tessandra Chavez and has been a guest choreographer and teacher around the U.S. She got married in 2016.
Cedric Gardner- Oh Cedric, at the time of his elimination, he was probably the most hated contestant of all time. I actually just really felt badly for him and at this time I would like to give him props for his solos. Anyway, since SYTYCD he danced in Step Up 3D, choreographed for the television show Empire, and is involved in youth arts initiatives through Davis Dance Team for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Wisconsin (see relevant music video) which was a collab with Pharrell and was ultimately performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live). This seems to be his main focus, and good on him, I think that's pretty cool.
Top 12
Anya Garnis- After SYTYCD, she appeared in several dance competition franchise shows, including as an All-Star and choreographer on SYTYCD, as a professional on Strictly Come Dancing, where she and her partner made it to the semi-finals, and as performer in Burn the Floor and the Dancing With the Stars Vegas show. Her Instagram bio also says she has danced on Broadway and West End and she is still dancing/touring with Pasha.
Hok Konishi- Following the show, Hok joined Quest Crew (ABDC Season 3 winners and Season 8 all-star champions (truly did not know the show lasted 8 seasons)) along with several other SYTYCD alums and subsequently won an Emmy 2016 for their choreography in season 8. He appeared in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and was the choreographer for LMFAO's music videos, Party Rock Anthem and Champagne Showers. He seems to be busy touring with Quest along with choreographing and teaching workshops. He also graduated from Santa Monica College with a degree in graphic design, plays the violin, and is a visual artist as well.
Top 10
Jaimie Goodwin- I've been at this for hours and I'm only halfway through : Jaimie has done a shit ton of things since leaving the show, including performing on SYTYCD as an All-Star and in television and film (HSM3, Glee, Rock of Ages, All the Right Moves, DWTS, Emmys, and most recently with JLO at the AMAs). Teaching credits include 24SEVEN, Stanford University, and master classes. She has also toured with Shaping Sound and choreographed for artists such as as Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue.
Kameron Bink- Kameron has taught classes around the world, probably most notably for two years in Iceland for The Icelandic Dance Company. In 2009, he joined Bad Boys of Dance and performed on three world tours. It seems like he got married last year to a lawyer from Iceland and they are currently living in Florida where he is listed on the faculty of a couple dance studios.
Top 8
Sara Von Gillern- Now a choreographer and performance artist in LA, she teaches locally in studios and private schools. Some of her notable choreography credits include Maddie Ziegler, Aziz Ansari, ABDC, and SYTYCD, while she has danced for a long list of musical arists (Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Beiber, MC Hammer, LMFAO). She also lists a number of television credits (Ellen, New Girl, Superstore) and has danced for the Denver Nuggets, Clippers and her crews The Syrenz and Outer Circle Crew. It seems like she also does some aerial arts stuff too.
Dominic Dtrix Sandoval- For Quest Crew related info, see above. Aside from being a member of Quest Crew, Dominic was also a judge on ABDC, was the host of the web series Dance Showdown, and is an active YouTuber. Along with having his own channels (theDOMINICshow), Dominic has collaborated with Wong Fu Productions/Ryan Higa. He also does a lot of choreography including for The Lab Creative Arts Studio (inthelab247), World of Dance Season 2 Champions. He also had a high-profile relationship with Season 7 winner, Lauren Froderman, although they broke up years ago at this point. He's easy to find online if you need more info.
Top 6
Lauren Misha Chan Gottlieb- Am I petty for bringing up 10-year-old drama between two teenagers? Yes. Do I care? No. I very much enjoyed this at the time and I like to reminisce. After SYTYCD, she tried her luck with the south Asian crowd having been a runner up on season 6 of the Indian dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, a judge on the same show, and playing the lead role in the 2013 Bollywood dance film ABCD: Any Body Can Dance. Back in America, she has assisted Tasty Oreo, NappyTabs, and Mia Michaels on SYTYCD, in addition to choreographing and performing as an All-Star. She has also performed with musical artists such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Shakira. Recently she acted in a short film called Scavenger. Additionally, she is verified on Instagram.
Pasha Kovalev- Similar to Anya, Pasha continues to be involved with reality dance shows in the U.S. and U.K. He has appeared as both an All-Star and contestant on SYTYCD, was on Superstars of Dance, and has been a professional on of Strictly Come Dancing since 2011, finishing as a runner-up on two seasons and a winner on season 12. He is currently competing with Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts on the 16th season and has been dating Rachel Riley since 2014. (Rachel Riley is a mathematician of Countdown and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown fame and I had no idea they were dating!!)
4th Place
Lacey Schwimmer- Before I begin, I just want to post this. I do find it funny that all of the siblings (Faina, Lacey, Danny) roughly made it as far as their brothers in Season 2. When Lacey was not busy removing her arm from Lauren's "strong hands" (ALLEGEDLY), she performed on 6 seasons of DWTS as a professional dancer, making it to 3rd place with partner Lance Bass. She also assisted Benji as a choreographer on season 4 of SYTYCD. She also dabbled in the music business... She is currently teaches master classes and at her parents' studio and seems to be still performing and choreographing professionally.
3rd Place
Neil Haskell- After SYTYCD, Neil performed in several Broadway productions (Tuck Everlasting, Bring It On, currently Hamilton) and was an All-Star on SYTYCD. He also had an acting role in the MTV musical American Mall. I'm losing steam here, but he mostly seems to be busy with Broadway stuff now.
2nd Place
Danny Tidwell- Since being runner-up on the show, he served as the Artistic Director of Movmnt Magazine and was a soloist with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo. He was also a guest teacher for JUMP, a national dance competition/convention, was featured on DWTS with Tiler Peck, and performed in the Broadway show, Memphis. He may have gotten married in 2014, and while I don't see any recent pics of Danny on his feed, there was one with Travis from this summer.
Edit: I regret to provide this update, but unfortunately since this post was written Danny has passed away in a car accident. I discovered this piece of his shortly after hearing the news and am posting it here in a small act of remembrance.
Sabra Johnson- I think Sabra first spent some time with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in NYC, then danced internationally, notably with Staatstheater Darmstadt in GERMANY. The most recent thing I can find of her is a YouTube video from 2016 where she was a special guest at Dancenter Vietnam. It seemed like she was in Vietnam for a while teaching classes and directing a Between Us Dance Performance with John Huy Trans Urban Dance Group. Little bummed I can't find any more information about her or Danny.
Please ignore any mistakes because after spending hours on this I cannot bear to spend the 3 extra minutes to read through it again.
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2018.10.07 03:11 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 2

And with 2006 began the Golden Age of SYTYCD.
Top 20
Erin Ellis- Erin has the misfortune of being eliminated early on and having a very common name, making internet stalking her very difficult. She is listed on the faculty at a dance studio in Nashville where her bio mentions a few TV and music video credits. Instagram indicates she is married and had a baby boy last year.
Stanislav Savich- Post-SYTYCD it looks like he continued dancing profesionally. It seems like he taught some classes at Denise Wall's studio, although he is no longer listed. Didn't find too much about him but his bio for faculty at local dance school from few years ago says he has been an instructor in Moscow, Hong Kong, Canada and throughout the United States, including at Columbia University.
Top 18
Jason Williams- Me after complaining Erin had a common name; however, he seems to be doing a lot and has a really active social media presence. He has a number of film and TV credits, including Fame and No Strings Attached, and was part of on of Lady Gaga's first U.S. television appearances on SYTYCD in 2008. Seems like he is working as a dancechoreographer in LA and recently choreographed for the Emmy's Governor's Ball.
Joy Spears- I mostly remember her as Dmitry's first victim, but she seems to have some IMBD credits (Nashville, Passengers, CMT Music Awards) and was teaching at dance schools in Alabama and Nashville. Recently she appeared in a choreographed for this Florida Georgia Line video.
Top 16
Aleksandra Wojda- Dmitry's second victim. She has some interesting IMBD credits, in addition to working in videos for Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles, and others. Apparently she graduated from Northwestern with dual degrees in Communication Sciences & Disorders and International Studies. It seems like she does some traveling teaching master classes around the U.S. There were probably a million accounts with the name "Aleksandra Wojda" on Instagram and when I finally found hers it had 0 posts, but she does have a different last name so I'm assuming she's married.
Ben Susak- BEN AND HEATHER ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER. Sorry but I always thought this guy belonged in and Austin Powers movie or something, largely due to him having one of the most unfortunate contestant pics in SYTYCD history. But I digress. After SYTYCD, he continued working professionally (Cirque de Soleil, VMAs, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, to name a few) and was recently performing across the U.S. in the National Tour of Wicked. All his social media is private so that's all I got.
Top 14
Jessica Fernandez- Firstly, I am shocked that she was only 19 on the show, I thought she was mid-twenties. Unfortunately, I can't really find out anything about her other than a comment on a YouTuve video from 2010 that says she is a dance teacher.
Jaymz Tuaileva- Not sure about anyone else but he mostly sticks out in my memory for the unforgivable spelling of the name James. Starbucks must be a nightmare for him. Some of his professional credits include dancing for Nikki Minaj and most recently, Cher. He also has made appearances on SYTYCD and DWTS. According to Instagram, has an 11 year old daughter.
Top 12
Ashlee Nino- Filling this season's Ashle/Ashlee/Ashley/Ashleigh quota, was Ashlee Nino, who after somehow surviving one of the worst discos I have seen on SYTYCD becoming the 3rd victim of the curse of Dmitry (but can we really blame Dmitry for this though), went on to perform with a slew of music artists, including Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, and The Roots, among others, and Cirque du Soleil. She was also a body double for Hannah Montanna during her Best of Both World's concert, which I do find very weird and interesting. Recently she directed and produced a commercial for dog treats, has been teaching classes, and danced for LL Cool J. According to Instagram, she met her husband while working for Selena Gomez and they have a 2ish year old son. It seems that she drums as well. This write up got kinda long because I did not like her much on the show but she seems to have a pretty cool life now.
Musa Cooper- According to wikipedia his is married and living in New Jersey working as a professional dancepossibly a professional trainer. It seems like he's also been in a number of commercials and was on tour with Alicia Keys in 2008.
Top 10
Martha Nichols- She is listed as a teacher at Broadway Dance Center in NY, where is says she has danced in a bunch of awards shows (VMA, MTV, etc), with musical artists such as Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, and was in La La Land. In addition, she has taught classes around the world, choreographed for several music videos, and is on the faculty at NYCDA.
Dmitry Chaplin- After SYTYCD, he appeared as a professional on DWTS and is currently on the Ukrainian version of DWTS. He has periodically returned to SYTYCD (U.S., Holland, Ukraine, Canada) to choreograph and earned an Emmy nomination in 2008. IMBD lists a few television credits, including choreographer for 24 episodes of Bones, a show which my brain would never have associated with the word choreography. A few years ago I remember he toured with Chelsie Hightower (Season 4).
Top 8
Allison Holker- Since her season ended, she has been busy fulfilling her duties as the First Lady of SYTYCD. Of course she married Season 4 contestant Stephen "tWitch" Boss and they have a daughter and son. She was, somewhat confusingly, cast as a professional on Dancing with the Stars despite being a contemporary dancer and makes regular appearances as an All-Star on recent SYTYCD seasons. In 2013, she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography.
Ryan Rankine- As of 2016, he was performing with Creative Outlet Dance Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. He also had a Broadway dance credit for Fela! in 2009 and has some teaching videos on YouTube but not finding much else.
Top 6
Natalie Fotopoulos- Natalie also toured with Wicked in 2011 and choreographed for SYTYCD Greece in 2007. I actually know someone who is Facebook friends with her and it says she sells Younique now which may be the most disappointing find to date. It also looks like she got married in 2016 and now works at a dance studio in Tennessee.
Ivan Koumaev- Ivan is currently touring with Justin Timberlake, but has also worked with artists such as Usher, Justin Beiber, and Jason Derulo. It looks like he also owns a recording studio and played a role in creating movement for the animated movie Trolls along with teaching master classes.
4th Place
Heidi Groskreutz- According to her Twitter (which to be fair it looks like she doesn't update) bio, she is "an Emmey nominated dancer." At some point she was living and touring in London. I'm pretty sure she also married a well-known ballroom dancer who was twice as old as her in 2008 and they are living in luxury. They had a son in 2012.
3rd Place
Donyelle Jones- After SYTYCD, she appeared on America's Best Dance Crew. She has choreographed and performed in the Wayne Brady Show, taught at a number of dance conventions and studios, and was featured in music videos for artists such as Missy Elliot. Recently she has been teaching master classes. Unfortunately a while ago I saw that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer but it looks like she is doing well. Her Instagram bio also says she's married.
2nd Place
Travis Wall- If Allison and tWitch are the first couple of SYTYCD, then Travis is the king. Travis regularly choreographs for the show, and has earned several Emmy nominations and two wins. He was also featured in a reality show about Shaping Sound, the company he formed with Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini, and Kyle Robinson. He has done choreography for VMAs, DWTS, and Nastia Liukin (U.S. gynastics) to name a few and continues to teach master classes.
Benji Schwimmer- After the show, Benji continued to dance and teach professionally, winning several more Swing Champion titles. He was hired as Paula Abdul's creative director and choreographer around 2009 and co-starred in the 2010 dance film Leading Ladies (which also starred Melanie LaPatin). He at one point owned a dance studio, but I think he is more involved with his family's dance center. More recently he has choreographed for figure skaters such as Jeremy Abbott and Adam Rippon. According to wiki, Benji was actually the Top 20 alternate and ended up taking Hokuto Konishi's place when his Visa didn't clear. I don't know if I ever knew that.
Wow I really burn out by the end of these. Feel free to make an corrections/additions.
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2018.09.06 12:15 JuneTBest [PDF] The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

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Imprisoned for more than two and a half years, Lale witnesses horrific atrocities and barbarism—but also incredible acts of bravery and compassion. Risking his own life, he uses his privileged position to exchange jewels and money from murdered Jews for food to keep his fellow prisoners alive.
One day in July 1942, Lale, prisoner 32407, comforts a trembling young woman waiting in line to have the number 34902 tattooed onto her arm. Her name is Gita, and in that first encounter, Lale vows to somehow survive the camp and marry her.
A vivid, harrowing, and ultimately hopeful re-creation of Lale Sokolov's experiences as the man who tattooed the arms of thousands of prisoners with what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust, The Tattooist of Auschwitz is also a testament to the endurance of love and humanity under the darkest possible conditions...READ MORE►►

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2018.08.29 15:30 sapphire1921 Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Alive [electro-pop]

Ummm, we need more 'THROWBACK FLAIRS' in the gift shop! I repeat we are sold out of THROWBACK FLAIRS!
Annnnyways... Natalie Bassingthwaighte was a popular Aussie singeactress in the 2000’s (and sorta mid 2010's, IAC, SYTYCD). She is most known for her role as ‘Izzy Hoyland’ on the popular soap opera Neighbours and as the lead singer of the electro-pop band ‘Rogue Traders’.
The Rogue Traders scored solid success in the mid 2000’s with hits – Voodoo Child, Watchin You, In Love Again, I Never Liked You etc. By 2008 Natalie chose to leave the band and pursue a solo career and that’s how she ended up releasing her only solo album titled 1000 Stars, 2009.
1000 stars wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking project, but if you liked Kylie/Madonna infused pop then you were in euphoria heaven lol. It spawned 3 successful hits - Someday Soon, 1000 stars (TT), and the one that we’ll be discussing today, Alive
Alive was probably the only one I really remembered from Natalie’s catalogue tbh. Every year or so I found myself coming back to it on my iphone and being swept up in it’s glitzy, electronic, bubbliness every time lol. The track has aged for sure, but it’s not like terribly dated (and songs age it happens lol)
It’s just such a rush of those “in the moment pop feel tunes”
The lyric “Is this real? Cause this heart is just startin’ to heal” was the perfect little cherry on top for this glorious piece, and Natalie really delivers with her exciting, passionate vocals especially that hook! It’s a finely crafted pop tune even 10 years later I feel.
I highly recommended any popheads here to check both Natalie/Rogue Traders’ discography. If you enjoy electro-bubblegum pop then you’re in for a treat!
Take a chance on them… TONIIIIIIIIGGHHHHHTTTTTT!!!! ⭐️
"I'm lost in the music and lights I don't wanna let go but I might If it's right Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Is this real? Cause this heart is just startin' to heal And you're so close to makin' me feel (me feel) Alive, alive, alive, alive"
edit: Someday Soon thou is still THAT dreamy-pop bitch!
Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders
In Love Again - Rogue Traders
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2017.08.22 07:44 AudibleKnight SYTYCD Season 14 Tour Dates

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2017.03.01 20:22 At_the_Roundhouse Audition process?

I snagged free audience tickets for SYTYCD this weekend in Brooklyn - given the dates, I'm assuming this is for the New York auditions for season 14. On the main Fox site, the audition is listed for Saturday, and my tickets are for Sunday (there were also some available for Monday).
Just curious how this works and what to expect. Has anyone been to an audition taping (or auditioned themselves)? Is it that they do a cattle call audition on Saturday as planned, and then have people come back Sunday and Monday to perform for the judges the way you see on TV? Thanks!
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2015.12.08 17:31 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Iam Nigel Lythgoe! Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2015-12-07
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Questions Answers
What is the main difference between shows that are exclusively online and shows that air on TV? Is there any difference in filming? Is there any less pressure when it comes to ratings or competitiveness with other shows? And how different is the marketing? Broadcast Television is meant to appeal to a bread section of the audience. Consequently, you live and die by your ratings. With working in the digital area, you have a much more focused audience for the subject. Without doubt, it would be difficult to do a chorography show on broadcast television. Dance itself frightens many television executives. Choreography is even more focused and many television executives cannot even pronounce the word, therefore it was extremely important to do Every Single Step on a digital channel where people who are interested in the subject can make a point of watching it. The video world is a little bit like a library where you can go and find the reference books you need and that is certainly what is happening with video content at this time. We will always be judged on how many people watch the programs, so make sure you tune in at go90 on the DanceOn Network’s go90.
Where do you see the future of dance going? in your perfect world what would happen? In my perfect world, every elementary school in the country would have dance classes. Dance for me is such an important part of human life. We danced and moved physically our body long before we managed to talk, it expresses our feelings and ignites our creativity. It builds bridges, it communicates far better on occasions than words.
Neuroscientists are finding that kids learn better, math, english, geography and history when they are doing something artistic like dancing. Dancing brings communities together, gives kids confidence. Its team building, it makes better human beings of us all.
So, I'm not interested if we become professional dancers I'm only interested in the fact that dancing helps up both physically and mentally.
What are hoping for the final season of American idol ? We are hoping to remember the impact, both in entertainment terms and socially, that American Idol had on the country for over a decade when families and neighbors would come together to watch the program. With over 143M votes some weeks, the entire county was engrossed to find the next singing superstar. I hope that we will remember Simon Cowell’s honesty, Paula’s heart, and Randy’s energy. It was an incredible television program that we will never see the light of again and I hope that we can capture some of those memories in this year’s finale; along with crowing the 2016 American Idol! There are a lot of good ideas going into this production and I hope you will enjoy it next year.
How did you live the huge exit from American Idol? I guess it was the first time I'd been fired in my life.
I've made a point to never look back, I'm not going in that direction. You have to move on and pick yourself up and get on with life.
There's no question it was tough, I always felt that AI was my baby. I don't feel that I failed with AI, I'm very proud of what we achieved. Anyway failure is not final, only if you give up and I'm not the type of person to give up.
Which is why I've probably been asked back to produce the final ever Idol show. I guess they needed someone to turn the lights out.
What are your favorite SYTYCD routines ever? To be honest I can't really give you my favorite routines but there are certainly some tentpole routines that stand out and you will probably remember. The bench routine from Mia Michaels. Rama-Lama from Wade Robson, along with his hummingbird and flower routine (which earned him an Emmy). Tyce DiOrio's breast cancer routine, the addiction routine and Travis Wall's routine about his brother.
All exceptionally memorable and all great choreography. So it is totally impossible for me to choose anyone as a favorite.
Which do you like more, American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance and why? Naturally as a dancer, I prefer SYTYCD. The hours of work that a dancer has to put in, I can only sit back and be proud of them. Dancing isn't always a god given talent. There's a lot of sweat hours that must go into the training. Singing on the other hand, although good training helps. I believe is god given. You need a good ear, a good voice and a great performance.
However, both of these programs give a wonderful platform to extraordinary talent.
Nigel did you think you would ever come this far by being a dancer and a producer? Also is tap the best type of dances or what is you all time favourite of dance I always had dreams to become more than just a background dancer. Did I think I would become a major Hollywood television producer? No. However I did think I would become a West End star. I don't believe you should ever rest on your laurels, whatever door opens for you, its work to go through it but I don't think you should be frightened to transition throughout your life. Its very important to keep growing, learning and remembering that you don't know everything and you never will.
What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on set? (Super excited for your new show!!) It turned out to be funny but wasn't funny at the time. I was performing in front of her Her Majesty the Queen of England. I had to lift 2 people at the same time.
Eartha Kitt was in front, Ken Warwick was behind her lifting her. I had to lift them both in the air and I expelled every bit of air that was in my body in a rude manner. Although embarrassing at the time, I've laughed about it for year. I'm not sure her majesty was amused.
Do you think every dancer can be a choreographer? OR, does a good choreographer necessarily need to be an amazing dancer? Umm, I certainly believe that not every dancer can become a good choreographer, but I also believe that not every choreographer has to even be a dancer. I don’t believe that there is a hard and steed fast rule to being a creative artist. I am still in shock knowing that Sonya Tayeh learned to dance by reading books. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the passion to follow your dream.
How did you go from being a Choreographer to a producer? Good question... I was much more of a cerebral choreographer, one that thought more about ideas than dance steps. That led me to work with a great deal of British comedians – Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Bobbie Davro, and Brian Conley. I was then asked to produce and direct Bobbie Davro’s series, which led me into production and direction and I was happy to hand my dancing shoes up.
Do you think dancers are better trained today then they were 30 years ago? There's no question today. Not just in technique but in diet, and understanding their bodies. We've learned so much about physiology even in the past 10 years that we are now putting into practice, or is kinesiology- physiology for sure. We're being helped by physical therapists for any slight injuries that may occur. There's even a dance medicine in our local hospital here in Los Angeles.
How was the casting process for ESS? What were you looking for? We were looking for young choreographers, who were both bold and creative; and had a vision that they could inspire their dancers with. We were insistent that these choreographers would not be held back by their fears but led forward by their dreams. Fear stifles creativity. Consequently we needed them to be bold, brave, loud and proud.
What is your favorite plant/flowetree? I think the oak is one of my favorite trees because it is so strong and steadfast. Bullrushers are among my favorite plants because they've learned to bend and give into to strong winds but remain there.
And cacti, because they remain and grow in the most difficult of places and it's always been my belief to bloom wherever you're planted.
Do you truly, honestly think Cilla Black would have wanted to be buried in Liverpool? I absolutely do believe Cilla wanted to be buried in Liverpool. She was a great scouser and although she didn't live in Liverpool, that was always her home. I was at her funeral and thrilled to see how the city turned out on the streets for her. Unfortunately she couldn't be buried by her husband as they were of different religions.
Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, or Magic Mike? (laughs) Ooohh. Dirty Dancing.
I love the story, I thought to be able to take a wallflower and turn her into a princess was just heartwarming. To see a dancer like Patrick Swayze become a movie star was inspirational for so many young dancers. Plus one of my favorite songs is "I Had The Time Of My Life".
Who do you root for on Every Single Step? The fan favorite or the underdog? I root for the creators, the people who are putting their work on the line and being judged. It isn’t easy to layout your work and have it judged. You have to be exceptionally brave and be able to take whatever comments, both good and bad. Anyone that brave deserves support.
Howdy! I'm a long time fan of SYTYCD and would like to ask, will Mary Murphy ever return? I am very close to Mary Murphy and would love to see her return at some point.
Also, do you have any advice for a fellow who would like to embarrass himself less when dancing? I'm going to a party in a couple weeks and would like to look less like a comedy act when I get down. The very fact that you get up and dance is important. You wont find too many people laughing at you; they will be the ones that don’t have the guts to get up themselves. Keep up your dancing without question, you will improve as time goes by, and besides that, you will meet all the best girls.
Do you ever foresee tap making a big comeback? I feel like it sadly it a style from another time...(even with people like Savion Glover) Tap is slowly coming back. Certainly in a number of Broadway shows I've seen in the past year. They've had tap routines in them. People are talking about tap more and more and that's always a good sign and don't forget the last winner Gaby, was a tap dancer!
What's the best dance performance you've ever seen? I was a dancer at the London Palladium and Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev performed. It was an incredible performance that left me dewy eyed. At the same time I have seen some amazing performances on SYTYCD.
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2015.05.08 04:03 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Jesse Tyler Ferguson — Mitchell Pritchett on “Modern Family” and founder of Tie The Knot, soon to be delivering thousands of same-sex wedding invites to The Supreme Court Justices. AMA!

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Date: 2015-05-08
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Questions Answers
Hey Jesse, love modern family it always cheers me up. My question is, what advice would you give to the young teenage LGBT community who are going through difficult times either with coming out, being bullied etc? Well, i can relate to that. i was bullied a LOT growing up. I found activities outside of school that interested me. (Community Theater was my salvation). I think the most important thing to do is find people you are safe around and who you can talk to. The internet is a great resource now too. The world is so much bigger than it was when I was a kid. Facebook, Instagram, TrevorProject, Trevor Space are all great ways of expanding your universe and finding people who understand you.
Do you ever see you guys doing a Modern Family live episode? And who do you think could really rock a Tie The Knot? I don't see a live episode happening...but who knows? I think George Clooney need to rock a Tie The Knot Bow Tie...or Obama! I know they are both Marriage Equality advocates! Maybe POTUS will wear one on decision day in June!
Hi Jesse! I loved the episodes you did on Web Therapy. What was it like making those episodes? I'm obsessed with LIsa Kudrow. She was a dream to work with. Very collaborative. I was very intimidated by her when we started but she instantly made me feel comfortable...we basically just played all day on the Web Therapy set!
Hi Jesse! Is filming in mockumentary style more difficult than the traditional format? I LOVE performing for a live studio audience...but doing a show like Modern Family is great because it works a different set of muscles as an actor. I really enjoy the subtleties you can bring to the format of our show.
How can a small town suburban soccer mom support marriage equality? It's not an issue I relate to but I am for equal rights for all and am not sure how to show it! Thats great & you CAN relate to it BECAUSE you want rights for all! You can spread the word about accepting all people. I think the best way to support is thru love and acceptance. You can also buy Tie The Knot bow ties for your family and friends! :)
Hi Jesse! Thanks for doing this AMA. Did I see Justin in DC handing out bow ties and Save the Dates? You DID! we are so proud that he could be on the steps of SCOTUS for that historical day!!! It meant a lot to all of us at Tie The Knot to be able to be a presence on that day. Did you get a bow tie?
Hi Jesse! Thank you so much for everything you do for the LGBT community! Its because of people like you that we are finally getting the rights that we deserve. My question is, what triggered your desire to be an activist? Was it a specific moment in your life or was it just a general need for change? Having been bullied as a kid i really felt for people who felt marginalized or "less than". i wanted to use my new platform to help people. justin, my husband has been an amazing partner in helping me make those ideas a reality. he is equally passionate and has great ideas.
Do you defend pandas in court? Kidding. What's it like working with Nathan Lane? He's a comic genius. (Lane...not the panda). I feel so lucky that I get to work with him whenever his schedule allows for him to fly to LA and be on our show!
Hi Jesse! My boyfriend just introduced me to Modern Family a few months ago, and I have been binge watching to catch up! I was just wondering, what is the harshest thing you've ever experienced at an audition? How did you overcome it? You have to have a tough skin of you want to be an actor. I have heard everything from "you aren't talented and you won't make it" to "you aren't tall enough"... Best think is to know your self worth and have faith in your talent.
What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Collaborate and be open to all ideas...even if they may see dumb. it's great to try stuff. sometimes the best ideas are born from things that seem ridiculous.
Where was favorite location to shoot Modern Family? We love traveling for the show. australia was really fun because it felt like a family vacation. also disneyland was a blast! Where should we go next?
Hi Jesse. Over past times, a lot of straight actors would play gay characters. Do you think has changed more over the years ? How would you feel about the opposite - acting a straight character role ? I think all actors should be able to play anything. we are actors. I have played straight roles and Eric Stonestreet is playing a gay role now. I hope that the stigma is slowly lifting.
Hi Jesse!!! I think you are an amazing actor and I admire your drive to fight for marriage equality; you seem to be full of passion and joy. I was wondering if that was always the case or if you ever felt - like so many of us do at times - that things would not get better? I always knew that there were people outside of my hometown that would love me for who I was. I also had a supportive family. Many people don't. I STRONGLY suggest as a resource if you are feeling alone. They are amazing.
What is like to do talk shows like jimmy fallon and ellen? Do you get nervous or are they laid back? Both Jimmy and Ellen are really nice and make me feel very comfortable but dong talkshows is always a little stressful.
I love the bow ties. I wear bow ties regularly, as a school teacher, and to able to look great and support a meaningful cause is incredible, I just wanted to thank you for that. Now for my question; Celebrity you've met who totally surprised you, in a good way!, with their demeanor and mannerisms? LOVE that you love the bow ties! Thankyou!!! Julianne Moore is one of the most gracious people I have ever met...not that I wasn't expecting her to be...but I am just such a fan of's nice when the people you admire are so lovely.
Hi Jesse, I'm asking this question on behalf of my fiancé. Who was the best person to work with on sytycd? Have you kept up with any of the dancers from the show? I LOVE everyone on SYTYCD but Cat and I have become very close. I keep up with Melanie, Nico & Ricky a bit. and I am good friends with Travis Wall!
How often do you hit the gym and what exercises do you do to stay in shape? Do you have fitness role models? I try and stay fit and active but I always wish I could do more...or look better. I like to eat too much! I'm a foodie.
Besides Modern Family, what other current TV series would you want to be part of? I am obsessed with Portlandia and Inside Amy Schumer. Also, I would love to work with Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler someday.
Hey, Jesse! What's the funniest thing that's ever happened on any set you've been on? Also, what movie or show never fails to make you laugh? Thanks for doing this AMA. I love Modern Family! It was pretty funny when Sofia was supposed to say " "Manny why are you hanging upside down" and instead she said "Manny why are you hanging Sunny Side Up"
What's your least favorite type of person? A close minded person who feels they are u not capable of growth or change. a stubborn person.
What episode has been your favorite to film? I love shooting the wedding episodes. also the episode at the roller rink was really fun.
Is your relationship with Justin at all like Mitchell's relationship with Cam ? Not at all! i think i have to work harder on my "marriage to cam" than I do on my marriage to Justin! Ha!
Do you think the recent changes across the U.S. on gay marriage bans will ultimately change the minds of the Supreme Court justices to allow it to be legal? I think people can see that denying a group of minorities their civil rights is not a good thing. It is becoming harder and harder to justify.
Hi Jesse! I was just watching last week's episode today. So, what's the real value on your sofa? Only the set designers at Modern Family know that. I assume its not as much as the characters say it is.
Do you think it's cool if a girl wears a bow tie? YES! for SURE! what about in your hair? or around your neck...just as cool!
Who is your closet Broadway actor friend? BTW I'm flying from Japan to NY to see you on the Tempest!!! Already worried if I can get a ticket on that day... I have many! Celia Keenan Bolger is one of my besties. But I also am close with Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald & Lea DeLaria.
Hey Jesse, big fan! What has it been like to watch all the kids on Modern Family grow up? i.e. Nolan, Ariel, Rico, Aubrey, and Sarah? They are the greatest kids. They are all driving now! I want them to stay little!!!
Who are your acting idols? Madeline Kahn, Steve Martin, Robin Williams.
Which director would you love to work with in film at some point? My friend Liz Banks! She just directed Pitch Perfect 2.
Hey Jesse, huge fan! I was just wondering what your favourite Shakespearean Character is and why? I love the Dromios in Comedy of Errors. I also love Bottom in Midsummer.
Who is most like their character in Modern Family? I guess joe the baby and stella the dog.
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2014.08.27 03:18 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Mary Murphy, dancer, choreographer, and judge on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. AMA!

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Date: 2014-08-26
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Questions Answers
Were there any dancers in the history of the show that you fought hard to keep and were outvoted? And anyone who made it far that you weren't particularly impressed by? No, I felt everybody that I wanted to make it in the top 20 this season made it. But there have been seasons where I was an advocate for a certain dancer, and everyone was for them through Las Vegas week, and then when it came to the final vote, the judges did a flip flop. I was devastated when a certain contestant I thought was for sure going to make it in did not. I was outvoted. It certainly has happened to me in the past.
I just want to add that there were a couple people I fought for this season that i fought for, but I wish i had fought harder for. And that was for a young girl called Ya-ya, and a young man called Silky. Both of them were terrific hiphop dancers. I do hope we get another season, and I do hope that they come back. And I just think that Ya-ya was featured in the movie Step-Up that came out a few weeks back! Amazing. She was brilliant in it. And she was an animator. And Silky is a hiphop dancer.
Hi Mary, Could you tell us more about the timeline from one show to another? I was curious about when the dancers start working on their routines, and when they finish, because we always hear about major problems in dress rehearsal, but we never actually see any. Thanks Yeah, I don't know the exact timeline. The only thing I know for sure is that they get Thursday off, and they have 8 hours, usually 2 days, where they do a run-through of wardrobe and costuming, and they still have press & publicity to do on days they are supposedly "off." On Sunday & Monday they get their first time to develop their packages, learning it for the very first time. And then on Monday, after they have that, they are still working on the group number, and they only get a total of 6 hours with a choreographer for the duet. And they get about 8 hours total on the group number. And on Tuesday, they have "dry blocking" where they get 15 minutes on that stage, where the director and lighting will decide what angles for the routine, which lights will change and when, and what camera angle will be used. And then the day of, they will get to run through a few times, they will have a dress rehearsal, and within 1/2 hour to an hour of that rehearsal - it's showtime.
Hi Mary! What kept you motivated and inspired during your thyroid cancer treatment? And; what is your favourite artist to dance to? Hope you're having a great day! Certainly when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, it makes you take a step back. But my friends, my closest friends, are what inspired me, and my cousin who had had thyroid cancer before me, certainly coached me through it and supported me through it. I think the scariest thing I heard was that the tumor might mean I might never speak again. That was the most traumatic. And I was so happy and relieved when I woke up in recovery, that they would know immediately whether I could or couldn't, and when I could, that is all that mattered to me. The biggest thing was thinking I couldn't hear my laugh ever again, because my laugh is part of how i find the humor in life every day.
And I certainly love to dance to Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, Nelly... I have rituals before a show. I have a playlist and a list of things I do before every show.
Would you be willing to give us an example or two of your rituals? :) Yup. I start the day off very light, listening to my music playlist, some Barry White, then I move into Earth, Wind & Fire. Then I move into Beyonce, Madonna, and then I usually go out and listen to Black Eyed Peas gonna have a good time tonight - I'm thinking of adding Pharrell's Happy to my playlist. I wear some Tiffany perfume. I do a dance exercise program on the way to my dressing room. Then I do about 7 face treatments before my makeup artist arrives at my room. I use a laser, I put different masks on my face, I'm all shocked and ready to go!
Do you like Joel McHale and The Soup? I love Joel McHale. I've been on his show many times, hahaha with him making fun of me, but he's actually invited me down and I have been on his show, and I told him the very first time he made fun of me, he made me cry, and he said "oh Mary, don't you know, the whole show adores SYTYCD?" so I started to get upset if I wasn't on his show! Haha! So it's cute - I know that MadTV has done a whole SYTYCD thing, their whole crew has told me they love the show, and you know you've made it when they do that type of stuff. But at first when you haven't had anything like that happen to you, it hurts your feelings, but then when you get used to it, it's like "Bring it!" And when you get to know them, you know they don't mean any harm. Just the fact they love SYTYCD means everything to me.
Do you still keep in touch with past winners? Any favorites? You know, anybody that has even been - being a winner on SYTYCD is a very select group of talented people. I adore them all. And yes, the fact is, we do keep in touch. The only winner that i haven't seen in quite a few years now- oh my god - Sabra. She's the only one I haven't seen or heard of in years. And now it's really tough to get these kids to show up - they have to go through their agents and managers now! All these kids are now getting that kind of work, that's one of the great things about the show, most of the top 20 now are well-rounded dancers which makes them more marketable. They can do contemporary, tap, jazz - it makes them more marketable.
What are some of your favorite routines from the show, and which particular contestants really struck you as stars? Certainly. Tyce Diorio's was certainly at the top of my list. There have been many - and I mean many- amazing numbers on this show, feeding me and Mia's addiction. As well as the Hummingbird routine. Sandy Moore's Table Routine. Christopher Scott's Sand Routine - the stage was covered in sand, it was just magnificent.
Well, certainly, Twist has become a star hasn't he! Tarrington, and Catherine McCormick looked like an old time movie star, and she went on to star in a Step-Up movie, and Tarrington was the star of FAME, so they had that star quality when we saw them. I knew Julianne Hough as a child, I knew she was going to be a star. And she's currently going to be the new judge on DANCING WITH THE STARS.
What is ur favorite thing about your job? My favorite thing about my job is that I get to witness magic from time to time in a dancer's life. With a 30 year career behind me. I didn't realize how precious those times are. I think I only walked over the dance floor one time in my career where I felt like one with the universe, and that magic happened. It's a rarity in a dancer's career. But I get to witness it. Something magical every single week. That's the best part about my life and my job. I'm very grateful to be a part of a show that brings magic like this to television.
Mary is there any way to get more swing dancing on this show? Would love to see some Lindy Hop. Also what's up with a lot of the "ballroom" on the show becoming mostly side by side dancing with barely any time in hold (like last weeks fox trot) Of course, yeah, we've only had West Coast swing this season, and I agree, I would love to see more swing dancing on the show! I of course helped to get Lindy Hop on the show in the first place, and would certainly love to see it back. As far as choreographers choosing not to use close holds, it's because of only 6 hours, if they feel the contestant won't be able to do it justice - they will opt not to put it in. Just as if I knew they couldn't do it, they only had 6 hours, if they can't prove it to me within a few minutes that they know how to do it, I won't put it in. So many dances today are not done in close hold.
How did you get to be on Degrassi and what do you think of your role on Degrassi (you were a crazy person)? Also, who was you favorite dancer on SYTYCD? Being with the group from Degrassi in Canada, I certainly loved being on all 4 seasons of SYTYCD Canada and my time up in Toronto. I do hope the show comes back, like it did come back in Australia again, because I miss my Canadian family. Degrassi was certainly a fun role for me, and I love that they included me with the Degrassi family. I miss it all so much up there! And I am still in contact with all of our Canadian choreographers - Liz Brown, John Marciano, Sean Cuseman...
Hey Mary! I'm wondering how the process of picking guest judges for the show works. Any specific celebrities you and Nigel are itching to book for next season? Thanks for doing this, I'm a long-time fan of SYTYCD. This has been a great season so far! You know, it's usually people that we've wanted or people that we meet while we're out and about that come up to us and tell us what a huge fan they are, and then we find out that they are celebrities with a dance background. Of course, I have celebs I am itching to have on the show as a guest judge. i would love Justin Timberlake to sit next to me! Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Madonna, and Mikhail Baryshnikov are at the top of my list. Hahahahaha! Wouldn't that be cool?! If I could have them all at once, I'd die! I'd be in judge heaven!
Bring back Anna Kendrick! RIGHT?!?!?!! I love her!! We had the best time together on the show as well! These movie stars, they have a big schedule! She's probably filming Twilight 6 or something, hahaha.
Hello! Are there any songs you would like to see the choreographers on the show use? If so, which songs and which styles would you like to see danced to them? Right now there wouldn't be any song in particular - but certainly music is so important. And the fact that you know, the songs are being delivered now in the hands of the choreographers to use, sometimes that song brings the choreography to life, or vice-versa, for example Jar of Hearts, that was not heard of for the most part until it was used on SYTYCD. And then that song became famous after being heard on the show.
What do you think are the chances the show gets renewed for next season? I think we're probably - we always hold our breath, you never know, in television, whether you'll get another season or not. I have a good positive vibe around the show, and certainly a good vibe around the executives at FOX, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Any television show- it is a business, and the business affairs are going to be really what makes the decision.
Lol. Thanks for replying Mary! I can certainly understand you getting overwhelmed. SYTYCD is the only "reality" show I ever watch, I don't know anything about dance, yet watching these kids and the amazing choreography routinely has me saying out loud: "holy s--t!" I feel the same way! HAHAHAHAHA.
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2014.05.28 04:41 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Nigel Lythgoe, judge from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2014-05-28
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Questions Answers
Which audition was the most memorable for you? SEX, New York.
Did any auditions or routines make you cry? The breast cancer routine by Tyce D Orio brought me to tears.
Which dancers made you happy when they came back for another audition after being rejected? Twitch! Came back three times. And I was delighted to see him every time. And now of course, I'm so proud that he is at the top of his trade and one of the main commercial dancers in this country.
Nigel, it appears that the contestants are told not to speak too much and sometimes it's tough to get a handle on their true personalities. Do you edit out some of their comments to keep the competition based solely on their dancing ability? A follow up: What is your most memorable thing edited out of the show? Absolutely not. Most of the contestants that have won SYTYCD do so not just on dance ability, but also on personality. We encourage them to be charismatic. And the most memorable thing that was edited out? Probably the number of breasts popping out. For the auditions mainly. It's whatever they've come in.
How did you manage to quit smoking 60 cigarettes a day? Cold turkey? I had a heart attack. I can recommend a heart attack to anybody who wants to give up cigarettes. As long as you survive the heart attack, you can give up cigarettes.
Can we expect some more twitch appearances this season? or cyrus for that matter? Yes, keep watching, they are both in the audition shows!
What was the transition like between American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance? Was it pretty much the same judging or did you have to have a whole new perspective? I think we had a whole new perspective, because as I previously mentioned, dancers are so passionate about what they do, and they have to dedicate so much of their live to dance. So I don't think you can dismiss them as easily as you can somebody who is totally tuneless, tone-deaf, and you certainly can't make fun of them. We try so hard to give constructive critiques, and not put downs. However sometimes people deserve a put down when they get too arrogant or too rude.
Is Kat that nice in person? Cat is even BETTER in person. The great thing about her is that she is interested in you, and rarely thinks about herself.
Do you still keep up with past contestants? Only when I see them in shows and performances. It's really important that the judges do not become dear friends with contestants. We are not allowed to see them when we are not judging them. A number of them have joined the Dizzy Feet foundation, and we are colleagues in that.
Do you still own your vineyard? What made you decide to purchase one? It was a romantic dream. I still own it, I'm sorry. It was a romantic dream, I came from a poor background in Liverpool and all we had was a small backyard, and to own a vineyard is something very, very special to me.
Thank you SO much for SYTYCD! Can't express how much I love seeing dance in the average home! How do you go about choosing guest judges? Do you approach people you think would be good or do they contact you wanting to be on the show? We approach people that we think will be good. We approach people that we think the audience would like to see. And at times, people contact me as well.
No question, I just want to let people know that this exists. Yes, I was staging the actual video and the young lady that should have been in Johnny Logan's arms was getting made up, and so while we rehearsed it, I ended up being the young lady in Johnny Logan's arms.
Other than judging, do you watch over the editing of the audition shows? Or do you leave that to other producers? I watch the direction of it, I've got monitors by my side in every city that we go to. And then I go into the edit, and watch it being cut, yes. And then I cut out all of the times I look stupid.
I notice nobody has asked yet about the charity you co-founded, the Dizzy Feet Foundation. What made you decide to get involved in this way, and what are some of the success stories you have seen from this organization? I saw so many richly talented kids that we couldn't use for SYTYCD that i wanted to try and help. Since arts in the curriculum for education is no longer there, and they don't get a great deal of time to show their talents, not everybody is great at tests, so I wanted to try to find a way of helping them. So we got scholarships together for them, and with the Dizzy Feet foundation as well, we got community projects where we try to help out local community dance projects and get them the money. We've just taken 200 pairs of tap shoes to a school in New Orleans, and given another 100 pairs of tap shoes to a place called Home here in Los Angeles which deals with kids and after school projects.
Thank you for answering, and thanks for your work supporting the arts in communities and schools! I believe that arts & education is exceptionally important. Every civilization is known for its arts and its wars. I think it's very important that we are remembered for our arts.
What do you think the future of tap holds? Are there any new styles of dance that fuse tap and another style that we should be on the lookout for? It's actually international tap dance week, this week. Tap dancing, I think, has become popular again, certainly now there's a lot of musicals that are including it. There's Newsies on Broadway, another show called After Midnight on Broadway, there's some great exponents of tap now, so I don't think we are going to lose it in any way, shape or form. I think it's becoming more popular. Obviously there's irish dance, which Michael Flatley brought to the fore with Riverdance, which was thrilling to watch.
Will SYTYCD be available to stream this season? I'm a huge fan and would gladly pay to stream or download since we don't use cable anymore. I don't know, to be honest with you. I know everybody asks me for DVDs, and I'm told it's just too expensive to clear the music, which is why we never see a SYTYCD DVD. It's a great show.
Thank you for your answer :) It's a fantastic show and so uplifting/positive. I truly love watching and am grateful to you for making it. You are very kind.
What do you think the people could do (aside from watch SYTYCD) to make sure we get more quality SYTYCD instead of other talent less reality show trash? Tune in and watch SYTYCD! The more the ratings are high, obviously Fox will keep it on the air. At the end of the day, success breeds success for everybody. Fox needs the commercials to make money to pay for the program, and that's the fact of life, I'm afraid. Ratings mean the success or the failure of any program.
What did being an EP on American Idol entail? The choice of songs, the choice of contestants to be put through to see the judges, the choice of genres, the budget, the musical director, the employment of staff, really, you know, it was the show runner.
What do you plan to do beyond SYTYCD in the future? I would like to do a documentary on Nureyev. I would like to do FAME, bring back the series of FAME. And I would like to do some broadway shows.
How's the wine business going? It could be a lot better! Really. But we have just completed building the actual winery. And Twitch and Allison got married at the vineyard.
What's your favorite style of dance? Mine is Lindy Hop! I suppose, this is a tough one. I love all forms of dance is my initial response. There's something to be said for each different genre. I've got to say ballet again, really. I love tap to death, again I can watch any majors. It's a really difficult question. I love all forms of dance. GOOD dancing. Ballroom, everything.
So you think you can dance... As well as the contestants? I've answered this, in no way, shape or form. Not now, not back in the day, never.
What inspired you to create your show,and how did you pick your judges? We pick our judges by people that we believe our audience would like to see. Christina Applegate, for example, Tara Lipinski, Misty Copeland, Paula Abdul, I mean tons of them, really.
IM SO EXCITED FOR SYTYCD do you have a favourite season? Season 4 will always be remembered, because of the characters who were involved in it, Twitch and Joshua and so on.
What's your favorite part about doing the show? The audition process. Seeing new talent, what's out there, and going 'round the country. And then watching somebody in the top 20 grow, and just get better before my very eyes.
Do you wear earplugs? Sitting next to the shrieking woman can't be good for your hearing! No I don't. She rarely screams nowadays, only when she sees something really fabulous. And then I'm happy for her.
Thanks for doing this AMA, Nigel. Who would you say is your favorite dancer to compete on SYTYCD? That changes every year. I'll only say from last season, and it was Fiction. He was so creative in what he did. I was never, ever expecting him to point his toes, but he continued to surprise me with his solos and his own interpretation of the music. But I loved Cyrus, I loved Twitch, I loved the invention of these characters rather than having formal training. They pushed themselves through these obstacles. I'm very proud of their creativity.
Do you feel that shows like Dancing With The Stars or Strictly Come Dancing more help or hurt the art of dance? Why do you feel that way? I think any dance shows that celebrate dance are good for dance. Because they present additional opportunities for dance to be seen.
Are England going to win the World Cup? :P. I'm in the car with my son here, so I'm going to get a reply from him on this one too - not in my lifetime! Hahaha! And he's a young man, and not in my son's lifetime either!
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? It depends if the duck's name is Donald.
Fight a duck?! A giant duck?!?
Do you like your gig? I mean do you like your job? do you like being the head judge on SYTYCD? I don't look on it as a job, and that's why I love it so much.
I am a huge car fanatic. What is the fastest car you've ever owned? What was your opinion of it? I suppose it was an S Type Jaguar. Smooth and fast.
Oh Nigel, as a car person I have to say I'm disappointed. If Jaguar is your cup of tea, may I interest you in an F-type? Or, if that's a bit too much flash, try a rapid but comfortable XFR. I'm very happy with the car I have at the moment, which is a Rolls Royce.
What was the worst incident you saw where someone was injured in your whole time in SYTYCD? I didn't actually see it, but I think it was a young man called Emilio last year, he was accepted into the top 20, and on the first day got kicked in the face, and his nose was shattered. And he was replaced by Aaron, who did so well.
Be nice for a famous person to respond to my ama lol. Like your show! What made you decide to create it? We had been successful with singing, and American Idol. And Simon Fuller suggested that we do something similar with dancing. I didn't believe we would be as successful as we have been. However, I'm thrilled. At the time that I created it, dance was not happening with America. DWTS was not there, there wasn't a single dancing program on the networks, so I was not sure it would be successful. I think what people saw in it was how athletic you have to be in order to dance nowadays, how dancers are so passionate, and how creative the choreographers are.
What is your favorite dance/dance song? I think right now it's Happy by Pharrell, and Blurred Lines.
How well do you think you can Dance compared to the people on stage? I don't. The people on the stage are far better dancers than I am now, or ever was.
What is your guilty pleasure? Can't wait for SYTYCD! I've loved every season! I suppose it's Liverpool Football Club. And the Dodgers. Which is where I'm going now.
Do you keep in contact with some of the dancers that performed on this show? I only keep in contact when I see them at performances. I don't have personal contact with them.
There are some very talented dancers out there. Another question: What do you like to do for fun? Go and watch soccer, baseball, and play golf.
What is your favorite song to dance to? Blurred Lines.
Hey! My family are huge fans! No question; just send a shoutout to my wife, /usegingertiger? Hi gingertiger! I hope you're going to watch our premiere tomorrow night at eight o'clock on Fox!
I'm a Liverpool FC fan as well. What did you think of their performance this season? I thought Liverpool's performance was absolutely brilliant this season. I think if we improve our defense, we stand a very good chance of winning next year.
I will TOTALLY watch! I always do! The incredible athleticism of the men and women that are chosen for S.Y.T.Y.C.D. is something that inspires me, and makes me believe that anything is possible with enough effort. :) Excellent.
What is Victoria from Reddit like? She seems to handle a lot of this sort of business. She's brilliant, thank goodness for her.
What is your personal favorite style of dance? Ballet.
What has been your favorite dance ever on SYTYCD. That is too tough a question! I have so many favourites. I think Mia Michael's Bench Routine, Tyce D Orio's breast cancer routine, Chris Scott's sand routine, Nappy Tab's Putting on the Ritz single camera routine were all outstanding. And I'm sure I've forgotten many more that I absolutely loved.
How in the world are you able to sit next to that crazy lady that screams and yells all the time? I would want to shove a sock in her mouth. Is she paid extra to act like that? She speaks from the heart, her emotions she wears them on her sleeve, and she cares a great deal and is passionate about the dancers. That matters to me a great deal. I will put up with people yelling in my ear, if they care as much as Mary Murphy.
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2012.06.21 00:55 tabledresser [Table] I AmA Ex-Competitive Dance Dance Revolution player that taught Jim Carrey how to play DDR for the film YES MAN. AMA

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Date: 2012-06-20
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
What was Jim like? How did you get to be a ddr master? Jim was great, when I went to the studio they told me my position wasn't finalized until I met with him. I was doing a screen test for the machine when he came in. He shook my hand then grabbed my chin right between my huge chops and said "You forgot to grow something here."
Master of ddr ehh? Well I started as a fat kid playing in middle school during the summer of '99 at Disneyland. I just kept playing, started competing, then things kinda went from there.
Started as a fat kid? Do you think DDR helped you lose weight? I lead a pretty sedentary childhood, so yeah. I lost like 30 pounds initially. It was fun exercise.
Jim carrey is one of the coolest humans walking around. Indeed he is.
Very weird question, do you know a blonde girl named ray/raye from disney? Old DDR player back then cant be too many. Not that I recall.
Do you know how to dance dance at all, or is it strictly DDR talent for you? I mean, I know there's a huge difference, but you must have the coordination that could lend itself to actual dancing. I have been know to cut some rugs.
Favorite song to play? I guess it depends on what mix. 2nd ReMix- Strickly Business/Boom Boom Dollar, 3rd Mix Korean-Wa, 4th Mix-Music/Furuhatas Theme, 5th Mix-Young Forever, DDRMAX-Ghosts, DDRMAX2-Sweet Sweet Love Magic, DDREX-Cartoon Heros.
Loved the Korean mix! We had a Korean Mix machine at the local arcade when I was growing up and I learned to play Sung Suk backwards from memory. Freestylers 4evah. Sung Suk and Ba Kwa were pretty badass.
Pretty good choices. I half expected you to just list all the hardest songs from each mix. Haha thanks. I was a well rounded player, I never spammed songs just to win tournaments.
WHAT ABOUT SUPERNOVA? Centerfold actually. haha.
I really messed up my hips, permanently, playing DDR (and hackeysack). Have you suffered any injuries from DDR? What do you do to stay healthy and avoid injury? Many moons ago, I would step off the machine to change a song and back up on the the stage and really hurt my knee. Nothing too bad though. I don't play regularly anymore, but I do eat better than I used to and exercise quite frequently.
What do you get for being an awesome DDR player? A DDR machine, some SAG vouchers, a Guinness World Record, and some great friends.
What's your world record for, specifically? Most People playing Dance Dance Revolution together. It was part of a promotional stunt for So You Think You Can Dance.
Shit I work for them, when was this? Early '08. Do you work in the Konami division in Los Angeles?
How much did they pay you to teach him? Around $300 a day. But I was doing more than just teaching. I also did some extra work, tended to the arcade in the big foot lodge, and worked on video playback.
So competitive DDR is a thing? Or was a thing? There was a documentary I was asked to be in that some USC film students produced and it's actually a pretty good watch. DDR DOC Part 1
The old-school major tournaments had two sections Freestyle(legitimate dancing to the steps) and Perfect Attack/Scoring(Most number of perfects or highest score) Scoring was a little skewed because of the game mechanics.
Fight On. Fight On!
What tip, other than practicing more, would you give to a casual DDR-player to get better? Move your upper body around less, keep your feet in tighter to the center panel and play with modifiers like shuffle, hidden, reverse etc. even if you have to play on easier modes like basic to begin with.
DDR is soooo 2002 : Anyway, what are you doing now? Any plans to revive the scene or start new competitions? Do you still keep up with the new mixes (for example X3)? I'm an avid cyclist and work for an online bike retailer. There are still some competitions, but they are for another dancing game In the Groove (ITG) But it would be cool to hold an older style tournament with a funky rule set.
Are you much of an ITG fan? It's way harder than DDR. I played quite a bit of it. I liked the fact that the songs were longer.
Yeah and I've noticed that it's actually way harder. Max 300 is, like, easy compared to so many of the songs on higher difficulty in ITG. Yeah, but the timing on DDR is way tighter.
Have you done a lot of traveling for DDR competitions? During 2002-2004 I was at a tournament almost every weekend. Mostly in Southern California, went to a few tournaments up North and out of state like Nevada, and Arizona. Not tournament related but I was flown to New York for 27 hours to attend a Comcast boost party on behalf of G4 Gamers Television in Feb. '05.
Where in southern California if you don't mind me asking? I grew up on DDR out there. Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles.
I used to play a ton of DDR myself. Never went pro, but lost 40 pounds. Been meaning to get back into it. Have a lot of questions but feel free to answer a few if you don't have time. They're given in order of importance. Ever get bored like me and do stuff like turn off simultaneous steps and freeze arrows and play on light mode with your legs tied together with a belt? I never had a home setup, but my guess would be any good large crt monitor(because of the refresh rate) Yeah, but it's kind of a curse. I always feel the need to play the hardest difficulty right away. Never bored, but I would play with one foot or light versus both pads.
Was Jim any good at DDR at first and how was it being able to teach a big time movie star something like DDR? He was a bit thrown at first and more into learning a certain sequence of steps for the movie only. He had many things to work on for this film.
For me it was truly a great experience. I learned so much about movies, actors and can actually appreciate credits now.
Did you ever know anyone named Joshua Cole? I knew most people by their tag or handle, unless they lived in Southern California. And I knew a few Joshs'.
Do you know Dukamok/Ryan? He's a good friend of mine! I do indeed.
Oh god, Southern California. Did you know a Josh Ruda? He was a chubby kid with curly brown hair. Not to my knowledge.
I have a friend who plays and grabs hold of and leans on the handle bar to give leverage so the can move his feet faster in order to handle the super difficult songs. Do all competitive DDR players do that as well? Is that allowed in competitions, or is there a "no hands" rule enforced? No bar or no hands rules have been implemented in tournaments. I entered a tournament where they took the bar completely off.
As far as competitive players using it, it helped some. Just about all In the Groove players use the bar.
Cool, without "cheating" with the bar, are there songs that are just straight up impossible to complete for even the best pros? No, it really comes down to play style. There are many people that are very good that don't use the bar, even on doubles.
Were you in SPF5........? lolol. I was indeed.
What's your thoughts on In The Groove and ITG2? During the Konami dance game drought Roxor picked up the reigns, or at least tried to. It was essentially the same game, different steps different music.
When you competed were you playing for higher score or for style? I would enter both portions and place in one or the other.
Did you like playing singles or using the full pad (forgot what it was called). I would play singles, but could throw down on doubles as well.
Can you AAA any of the max songs? Legend of Max, Max300 etc.. Haven't AAA'd any Max songs but have sdg(single digit great)'d most of them.
Awesome thanks for answering my questions =). I played a lot of DDR while I was in high school and my arcade upgraded one of the machines to ITG2 and I loved it. Songs felt like they were a lot harder. Congrats on those SDG's on the max songs, I was proud if I got between A - C on those lol. No problem.
This is awesome. I've always loved DDR and wanted to get more involved. How do you find tournaments? Is there an online community I can join? I live down in Long Beach. Check out or They may have some info, but for the most part all tournaments have been on ITG machines.
What do you think of The FP? I just saw a post about it earlier in the week. I want to check it out, I enjoy watching terrible movies.
Besides DDRFreak, which is highly outdated, do you have any ways to find out if there are DDR machines in the area? The closest one to me is 7 miles away, but it's a dollar per play. The pads were maintained recently, so it's definitely worth it, but I want to see if I can find something better. bemanistyle has probably the most up to date info i know of.
Also, on a similar note, don't you hate it when arcades don't perform maintenance on their machines? There's nothing worse than a dysfunctional pad. It used to be annoying when pads wouldn't work, but for tournament the players and arcade ops would work together to get things in order.
How do you feel about the epic nature of the dance dance revolution movie known as The FP? Do you feel it is an extremely accurate representation of the real dance dance revolution competitive universe? Here's the trailer if you aren't sure what movie I'm speaking of... Link to Ill have to get back to you on that, still need to watch it. Maybe I can get some old school players together and do a commentary track.
On average how long did it take you to memorize a song? I don't memorize songs, patterns yes. If i wanted to memorize a song probably a day or so.
Remember Yasu and Take? Also, hardest song you've AAA'd? And wasn't there a Kyle Ward that stepped ITG songs or something? Yes and yes. Hardest song probably Sakura. I had tons of black flags, not too many red flags. 1 great, and 1 great on the last step. And yes Kyle Ward was one of the lead designers on the ITG project if I'm not mistaken. No relation.
Dude thank you for doing what you do. I hate the fact how poorly DDR is shot for film/tv. I need to see that United States of Tara episode now. Also have you seen that movie based on two rival gangs that play DDR? I just downloaded and need to watch it. Also how do I pass Paranoia survivor max? Haha you're totally welcome. Haven't seen The FP yet. Face the left and keep playing it.
I only play a few weeks per summer. But I'll be playing tomorrow after a year hiatus, and this thread has made me so excited to play again! Awesome! Let me know how it goes. Are you by chance able to get tickets to SYTYCD for the final weeks?
How was working with Toni Collete? She's one of my favorite actresses and I loved United States of Tara. Was she fun? She seems fun. 2.Toni was awesome, a very real and genuine person. She was staying off of Mullholland Dr. and had a machine in house. A friend and I went there and coreographed the routine she used in the episode. She was a quick learner and could be very good at the game fast if she wanted to play.
Awesome! I definitely found myself in a bit of a club with local players too. We all knew each-other at the arcades, it was a fun scene for me while it lasted. I think I might dust off the old PS2 and my red-octane afterburner after reading this. Have fun!
I've tried to play DDR a few times (or maybe something similar) but have always felt like a complete tool. The idea that I could get good at it interests me. Whats the best advice for a complete beginner? How do I do it? If you want to play, just play. Get familiar with the dance pad, it wont bite. And start on light mode, beginner is a joke and teaches bad playing habits. Keep time with your body somehow tapping your feet, hand on your side, even when no arrows are present. And keep playing. :)
What sort of equipment did you use at home? Never really played at home on pads, I would use home versions to make edits sometimes, but thats really it.
What's your best DDR song to perform to? Song mods? During tournaments that allowed me to pick mods for both people I would pick S4R(Sudden, Flat, Shuffle) Best song? I was pretty well rounded, but I'd say songs that had more complex rhythms.
What DDR song is your biggest challenge? While I was playing a lot. There is one part of Legend of Max that would mess me up. Now I'm sure there are plenty of boss songs that'd give me a run.
How quick a study was Jim Carrey? Did it take long for him to move past the "stand in the middle, reach out and tap buttons with your feet" phase? That was always my first step teaching beginners. He was just wanting to learn the steps he had to hit and that was pretty much the extent, he was getting pretty good then slipped and fell on set(actually used in the movie). We had to push back our scene so he had to basically relearn it.
Have you ever danced so hard you shit yourself? That I have not done.
Since your username is Tyler2dx, what's your favorite IIDX song? DDR scores are kind of a crapshoot nowadays, so what's your best IIDX accomplishment (song passed, high score, etc). Probably my 20 normal greats on Karma 7key. But that was on 9th style.
Favorite mix/least favorite mix to play? Also, you said in another comment that you used to be a fat kid and lost weight? How much/how big of a transformation did you go through? It was while i was still growing taller but i lost my fatty fat weight around 30 pounds. With NO diet changes.
What do you think of the kinect and the dancing games for that? Haven't really played any.
How are your knees? Sexy ;)
Enough about Jim Carrey - what was your experience like on the set of the United States of Tara? I was at Toni's house one day, and on set another. That was it. Television shows move a lot quicker than films. It was shot at Sherman Oaks Castle Park and took pretty much all day. I took a nap on a skeeball machine.
Did you place in any big tournaments and what was the reason you stopped competing? 3rd Place in a Team Tournament I think it was James Games 3 if I recall correctly. There was a Beatmania Machine that was 1st prize. I was almost always in the top 8 though. No more tournaments.
This is not about DDR but I used to love! How was it working on that show? Actually, that Tyler Ward wasn't me. Somehow that was entered into my IMDB profile. Sorry.
What ever happened to JSB? He stopped competing as well. He's a teacher now.
I am a HUGE fan of Jim Carrey! Is he just as random and hilarious as he is in his movies? How much of it is acting and how much of it is his personality? (My favorite movie of his is Bruce Almighy!) He was very nice and a genuine person when I was with him, oh and his crew were very pleasant to be around. His assistant and bodyguard were awesome!
Any interesting anecdotes about working with Toni Colette? I loved United States of Tara and was so sad when it got cancelled. She was a wonderful person, and had recently had a daughter when we were shooting. A friend has video of Toni practicing and her baby was watching but falling asleep.
Not only have you trained one of my favorite actors.... but you also filmed in my shitty city (Regina, Sask for Insecurities).... what did you hate the most about Regina? I actually only worked on set in Burbank and Echo Park.
Heh, it's nice to see that there are other DDR players out there. I was a freestyler (and now am a modder) that tried to get DDR competitions going, but I could only ever find lame PA competitions at anime conventions around me. I often wonder what happened to some of the freestylers I looked up to (DJ 8-Ball being #1). Did you ever play around with the other 'forms' of competition (not only freestyle, but things like 'battle' with the shifting mods)? Nothing with the shifting mods, but a fella named Loogaroo came up with some pretty cool challenges at a few tournaments.
My name is Tyler Ward, this has nothing to do with Jim Carey or DDR, do you hate it as much as me when you google yourself and all you can find is that douchebag who does Justin Bieber covers and whatnot? I fucking despise it. Hahahaha. I see where you're coming from.
When you dance your ass off, is it uncomfortable to sit afterwards? Not at all, it's nice to take a break.
What is your opinion on the ROXOR ITG debacle? You mean the IP lawsuit, ehh what can I really say? Konami had their shit together. Fanboys and girls were not liking Konami because they weren't showing the US market love, ROXOR tried to fill a void and were shut down. It was just business to them.
After how long do your feet get tired? My feet never really got tired, running out of money or the arcade closing/getting to crowded usually stopped me. Or if I was hungry.
Don't you hate it when some scrub tries to tell you "ITG is better!" and you're all like "4th+ or GTFO" am i right? Never bothers me, I played both. Musically stepcharts don't make much sense on ITG, well when it first came out at least.
A lot of Guitar Hero fans I know have a song they wish was added to the game (not so much anymore because of all the sequels and DLC). Is it similar to DDR fanatics and do you have a song you wish was added? Not really because songs don't have steps, but there are always songs you would like to dance to of course.
of all - you are cute!! :) Second of all - are there any videos of you anywhere doing DDR? It's fascinating to watch! I did it casually for awhile until my Red Octane mats died, and I couldn't get any more since they stopped making them. Thank you. There are some on youtube, let me grab some links. I'll put them in the post.
Favorite song to DDR to? BB$
Kog3mix!? Original.
Do you bar rape? I would occasionally make love to the bar. :)
Do you have two d*cks, Tyler 2dx? Sadly no, but that would be pretty sweet for a day.
Tyler Ward.. you would be on reddit :) It's Tiff, or as you named me Tipsy. miss you buddy, have an upvote. Tiff!!! I miss you too! We should catch up soon.
I find it funny that I told you about the Yes Man job. I'm still bitter I didn't take it haha. <3 Thank you kind sir. We should have dinner next week.
Does Jim Carey have an off mode.. or is he always "on" like Robin Williams, I've seen his serious movies but every interview/ behind the scenes footage of him he's always trying to be always entertaining and i cant help but wonder if he has the "crying clown" syndrome. He does. When we were on set or working together, he was focused on tasks at hand. He was always trying to make people laugh when walking around though. At the end of one week he bought the entire cast and crew pizza. /RAoP anyone? haha
SEGA scrotum. Nintendo nuts. SONY ass?
MAX 300 FOR LIFE! Whenever I knock on a door.
I thought you were that horrible youtube musician for a minute, dodged a bullet on that one. NOT THAT ONE!
Yes Man is in my top 5 movies! Thanks so much for being part of it. I actually absolutely love the Dance Dance Revolution scene! Glad to add to your life enjoyment.
IDK if this was a thing in the DDR community, but at my arcade we called that "bar rape". It was looked down upon unless you were playing a really intense song. Haters gon' hate, yeah I never cared. But then again I never really used the bar, unless i was playing on 3x or above.
Need better proof, anyone can link an IMDB page. Updated Post.
Pics or it didn't happen. If your actually interested, i may be able to get something together. I should look into getting some on-set photographs.
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